Ukai Hydro Power Station

There are four hydro turbine units in the Ukai Hydro Power Station, all having 75 Megawatt with an overall installed capacity of 300 Megawatt. All the above units were built by Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL). Ukai Hydro Power Station is commissioned in 8 July 1974. It has an approved capacity of 300 Megawatt. The Installed Capacity of this thermal power plant is 300 Megawatt. The source of water for the functioning of hydro power plant is from the Tapti River. The dam was constructed in 1972. Ukai Hydro Power Station is owned and operated by the Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited. The beneficiary states/union territories of this hydro power plant are Gujarat and its neighbouring states and union territories.

The Unit Sizes of this hydro power station is 300 Megawatt (4 units x 75 Megawatt). There are four units in operation. The first unit is commissioned in 8 July 1974 with an installed capacity of 75 Megawatt. After that the second unit is commissioned in 13 December 1974 with an installed capacity of 75 Megawatt. The third unit is commissioned in 22 April 1975 with an installed capacity of 75 Megawatt. Finally, the fourth unit is commissioned in 4 March 1976 with an installed capacity of 75 Megawatt. The type of power station is Conventional.

About Ukai Dam: The name of dam is Ukai Dam, which is located in the Tapi district of Gujarat. The Type of Dam is Earthen and Masonry constructed Dam. The official name of this Ukai Power Project is Ukai Water Resources Project and the other name of Ukai Dam is Vallabh Sagar. The construction of this dam is started in 1964 and was completed in 1972. The inauguration of the dam was done in the year, 1972. The construction cost of this hydro power project is INR 1389.6 Million. The total number of spillways in the dam are 22 (radial) and the type of spillway is Ogee. The Type of Power plant is Underground and River bed. The height (including foundation) of Ukai Dam is 80.772 metres and the length of dam is 4927 metres. The Hydraulic Head has a height of 57 m to 34 m. The total capacity of Vallabhsagar Reservoir is 7414 Cubic Meter. The active capacity is 6730 Cubic Meter.

How to Reach: Ukai Dam is located in the Ukai village of Songadha Taluk of Tapi District. You can arrive this hydro power station via Road, Rail or Air. Transport Buses and Taxi Services are available from the nearest well-connected cities and towns to the power stations. Ukai Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station. There is no airport in the Ukai of Songadha Taluk. So the nearest airport is Surat Airport, which is located at a distance of about 70 kilometres away from the Ukai Hydro Power Station.

Unit 1 – 75 Megawatt – 8 July 1974

Unit 2 – 75 Megawatt – 13 December 1974

Unit 3 – 75 Megawatt – 22 April 1975

Unit 4 – 75 Megawatt – 4 March 1976