Maithon Power Plant

Maithon Power Limited otherwise called as MPL, is a joint venture of top companies, Tata Power & Damodar Valley Corporation. They has performed the 1050 Megawatt (2 x 525 Megawatt units) in Nirsa of Dhanbad in Jharkhand. This Venture is country’s first 525 Megawatt unit thermal project utilizing subcritical boiler technology, coal fired thermal project in the country and the major Public Private Partnership venture plant in the country. This venture is country's initial Public Private Partnership project.

As per the thermal project, it was intended to be run on Indian coal. The Venture is likely to benefit nearly 16 million native consumers separately from providing cost competitive supremacy to industry and agriculture.

The Project will supply power to four Indian states viz. New Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Kerala according to the long term Power Purchase Agreement which are presently facing scarcity of electricity. It will deliver a reasonable source of power and support meet these people’s rising request for electricity. Reliable power from the thermal power project will help increase the keenness of the manufacturing and services businesses.

Maithon Power Limited is commissioned in 2011 September. The approved capacity of this thermal power plant is 1050 Megawatt. Also the installed capacity is 1050 Megawatt. The status of this thermal power plant is Operational. The primary fuel used for the generation of power is Coal. The type of power plant is Subcritical. This thermal power plant is owned by Tata Power. The Beneficiary states of this thermal power plant are New Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Kerala. The Water for the thermal plant comes from the Maithon Reservoir on River Barakar.

The Unit Size of this thermal power plant is 525 Megawatt x 2 units. The sponsor of the thermal power station is Maithon Power. It has two phases – Phase 1 and Phase 2. In Phase 1, the Unit 1 and Unit 2 are operating. The capacity of Unit 1 and Unit 2, which is in the first phase is 525 Megawatt for each unit. Phase 2 has two units, Unit 3 and Unit 4 with an installed capacity of 660 Megawatt for each units. But Phase 2 is cancelled.

There are two units in operation – first unit and second unit. The first unit is commissioned in 2011 September with an installed capacity of 525 Megawatt. After that the second unit is commissioned in 2012 July with an installed capacity of 525 Megawatt.

How to Reach: Maithon Power is located in the Maithon Village of Dhanbad district in the state of Jharkhand. You can arrive this power station via, Road, Rail and Air. Transport Buses and Taxi Services are available throughout the day from the nearby cities and towns to Power Station. Kumardhubi Railway Station is the nearest railway station, which is about four kilometres away from Maithon Power Station. Barakar is another railway station close to Power Station, which is also four kilometres away. Dhanbad Airport is the nearest airport, which is around 50 kilometre away from Power Station.

Unit 1- 525 Megawatt – 2011 September - Operational

Unit 2- 525 Megawatt – 2012 July - Operational