Kuttiyadi Hydroelectric Power Project

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Kuttiyadi Hydroelectric Power Project is erected at Peruvannamuzhi dam of Kuttiyadi River in Kozhikode District of Kerala. The power project is commissioned in 1972. The installed capacity of power plant is 225 Megawatt. The type of project is Major, since its capacity is greater than 25 MW. The source of water for the generation of power in the power house is Kuttiyadi River. The type of powerhouse is Surface and its status is working. The hydroelectric basin of power project is West flowing Rivers. The power plant is located in the Southern Hydroelectric Region of India. The hydroelectric development type of powerhouse is Storage.

The power plant is owned by State Government of Kerala and it is functioned by Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB). The beneficiary states of power plant are Kerala and other South Indian States. The power project was completed and started its activity in 1972. The total number of turbines in the power plant is six. So the capacity per Turbine is 3 units of 25 Megawatt and 3 units of 50 Megawatt. The type of Turbine used is Pelton and the manufacturer of both Turbine and Generator of the Power House is by the Fuji Japan (Unit 1 to Unit 3), VA Tech Hydro (Unit 4) and BHEL (Unit 5 and Unit 6). There are six units in operations and all the six units are commissioned. The six units are commissioned in the years 11 September 1972, 01 November 1972, 28 November 1972, 27 January 2001, 25 May 2010 and 23 September 2010 respectively.

How to Reach: Kuttiyadi Hydroelectric Power Project is located at the Peruvannamuzhi of Kozhikode district in Kerala. You can reach this destination via Road, Rail or Bus. Kozhikode railway station is the nearest railway station and Calicut Airport is the nearest airport. Local Buses and taxi services are also available from Kozhikode city to the Power House.

Project Details:

• Hydroelectric Project Name – Kuttiyadi Hydroelectric Power Project

• Commission Date – 1972

• Approved Capacity in MW – 225 Megawatt

• Installed Capacity in MW – 225 Megawatt

• Type of Project – Major (>25 MW)

• Type of Powerhouse - Surface

• Status of Powerhouse – Working

• Water Source – Kuttiyadi River

• Basin – West flowing rivers

• Hydroelectric Region – South Hydroelectric Region

• Hydroelectric Development Type - Storage

• Owner – State Government

• Operating Company – KSEB (Kerala State Electricity Board)

• Address – Peruvannamuzhi, Kozhikode District, Kerala

• District – Kozhikode

• State – Kerala

• Contact Number – +91 (471) 233 3526

• Email – minister-irrigation@kerala.gov.in

• Website – http://www.irrigation.kerala.gov.in

• Beneficiary States/ Union Territories – Kerala and other South Indian States

• Completion of Power Project – 1972

• Number of Turbines – 6

• Capacity per Turbine – 3 x 25 MW and 3 x 50 MW

• Type of Turbine – Pelton

• Turbine Manufacturer – Fuji Japan (Unit 1 to 3), VA Tech Hydro (Unit 4) and BHEL (Unit 5 and 6)

• Generator Manufacturer – Fuji Japan (Unit 1 to 3),VA Tech Hydro (Unit 4) and BHEL (Unit 5 and 6)

• Unit Sizes – 225 MW (3 x 25 MW, 3 x 50 MW)

• Total Units – 6

• Units Commissioned –All units are commissioned