Idukki Hydroelectric Project

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Idukki Hydroelectric Project is commissioned in 1976. It has an approved capacity of 780 MW. The type of project is Major, since the total installed capacity is greater than 25 MW. The type of powerhouse built is Underground. The status of power plant is now Operational. The source of water for the generation of power is Periyar River. The basin of this hydroelectric project is West flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari. The power plant is situated in the South Hydroelectric Region. The Hydroelectric Development Type of Power House is Storage. The owner of the power house is State Government and it is operated by the Kerala State Electricity Board.

The beneficiary states of the power plant is Kerala and the completion of power project was in 1986. The total no: of turbines in the power station is six and capacity per each turbine is 130 MW. The type of Turbine used is Pelton. The maker of Turbine for first to third units is by the Neyrpic of Canada and the maker of Turbine for fourth to sixth units is by the Dominion of Canada. Similarly the maker of Generator for first to third units is by the GE Canada and for fourth to sixth units is by the MIL Canada.

There are six units in operation and all the six units are commissioned. The Unit Sizes of power plant is 780 MW having 6 units of 130 MW.

How to Reach: Idukki Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in the Cheruthoni town of Idukki district in Kerala. You can arrive this place via Bus, Train or Plane. Taxi and Bus Services are available from Idukki town to the power station. There is no railway station in Idukki, so the nearest railway station is at Kottayam, which is 114 km away from Idukki. Kochi airport is the nearest airport to the city which has a distance of about 110 km from Idukki.

Project Details:

• Hydroelectric Project Name – Idukki Hydroelectric Project

• Commission Date – 1976

• Approved Capacity in MW – 780 MW

• Installed Capacity in MW – 780 MW

• Type of Project – Major (> 25 MW)

• Type of Powerhouse - Underground

• Status –Operational

• Water Source – Periyar River

• Basin – West flowing rivers from Tadri to Kanyakumari

• Hydroelectric Basin – West Flowing Rivers

• Hydroelectric Region – South Hydroelectric Region

• Hydroelectric Development Type - Storage

• Owner – State Government

• Operating Company – Kerala State Electricity Board

• Address – Cheruthoni, Idukki, Kerala

• District – Idukki

• State – Kerala

• Contact Number –+91 (471) 244 6480

• Email –

• Website –

• Beneficiary States/ Union Territories – Kerala

• Completion of Power Project– 1986

• Number of Turbines – 6

• Capacity per Turbine – 130 MW

• Type of Turbine – Pelton

• Turbine Manufacturer – Unit 1 to Unit 3 - Neyrpic Canada, Unit 4 to Unit 6 - Dominion Canada

• Generator Manufacturer – Unit 1 to Unit 3 - GE Canada, Unit 4 to Unit 6 - MIL Canada

• Unit Sizes – 780 MW (130 MW x 6 units)

• Total Units – 6

• Units Commissioned - All the six units are commissioned