Electronic Industry in India

The electronics industry initially executed by John Ambrose Fleming in 1900s, by presenting the electron tube having two elements. Till the 1950s the methods developed were known as “radio techniques” as they were chiefly used in the radio appliances. Then in the 1960s when the analogy devices were developed that brought a revolution in the electronics industry.

Electronic industry firstly restricted to the growth and maintenance of important communication systems comprising radio -broad casting, telephonic and telegraphic communication and rise in defense abilities. Until 1984, electronic industry was chiefly owned by Government, in 1980s a quick development of electronic industry causing in the liberalization and globalization of the economy. In India the electronics area took around 1965, by consumer electronics chiefly with transistor radios, black &white TV, calculators and other audio products.

Electronics companies chiefly aided from the financial liberalization rules including the relaxing of restrictions on technology and components. Most of the growth took place in the manufacture of computers and consumer electronics. In 1990 electronic production enlarged greater in the electronic devices like TV sets, wireless, radios, tape recorders, electric watches from (5-6 million). Consumer electronics in India excuse about 30%of total electronic manufacture of the country. Engineering sector in India is big and delivered around 12% of India’s exports.

India is one of the exporter of a massive range of electronic products and components for the following segments

a) Display technologies

b) Electronic components

c) Entertainment electronics

d) Optical storage devices

e) Passive components

f) Active components

g) Electromechanical components

h) Telecom equipment

The market for electronic and electrical products in India has important development in current years due to numerous factors, such as: -

o Manufacturing growth

o ICT penetration

o Growing disposable income

o Retail boom and

o Attractive finance schemes

Electronic trade goes through a thrilling stage due to the sufficient changes in technology, the launch of innovative products and the test of worldwide competition. It is very essential for electronic & electric product and component producers on constant improvements. Survey members shared about the developing technology drifts that will figure the market in India. This can generate well-organized user friendly products by using improved production methods in India, the electronic industry constitutes 0.7% of the global electronic industry. Consumer electronic products applied for everyday use chiefly in entertainment, infrastructures, and communications and in office output. Electronic industry particularly consumer industry emerged in 20th century. Use of toxic ingredients will make trouble of reusing has led to a series of glitches with electronic waste.


The struggle in the electronic field has exponentially increased foremost to several innovation, give growth to the digital economy. The digital economy plays a chief role in supporting the implementation of many electronic applications such as smart phones, air conditioners, watches, washing machines, TVs, refrigerators, iron box and security systems and of course environment friendly electric vehicles.

Top 5 trends in electronics industry

Product designing is a bit of specific design facilities market, in 2020 it is likely to reach 157 billion .It is being outsourced to decrease general costs and variation from fixed costs to variable costs. Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) companies are contributing more design facilities for finished products.

Virtual reality technology in the electronic assembling industry is regularly alluded as computerized plan, simulation and integration.it is embraced by electronic assembling companies to enhance manufacturing efficiency. In the outline phase of item this innovation empowers companies to inspect design object thereby eliminating defects in the products.

Robotics and automation are utilized to enhance plant proficiency and productivity. Sensors utilized as a part of different machines to get to precious information for enhancing productivity and decreasing potential breakdowns. We can expect in 2020, electronic hardware will reach $2.1 trillion. This will showing an ascent in automation and robotics technology to enhance efficiency and decrease generation costs.

IoT technology is introduced by house hold appliance manufacturers with their products for customers lives comfortable .This technology is the interconnectivity of device with sensors to exchange and collect data. Advanced technologies include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro server and micro-electromechanical servers.

Today the demand for smart TVs are rising customer preference for worked in smart capacities in individual devices. A smart TV consolidates the all highlights of TVs and PCs and furthermore web can be provided with this smart TV.


Right now the demand for Indian electronic industry are areas like telecom, defence, IT and e-administration. The imports of these items make a solitary largest trade poverty which will be bigger than oil based goods. As indicated by the report of E&Y, interest for electronic items is relied upon to stretch around $125 billion, likewise hardware industry assumes a noteworthy part in military. Every modern warfare electronics is at the heart. This gives immense chances to electronic organizations. Reusing of electronic waste ie, Electronic reusing is a developing industry and It became one of the way to progress.

Electronics Business Ideas

Mobile accessories selling market gives immense opportunities due to the growth in upbringing of smartphones and tabs. Increasing smart phones are decreasing the prices of mobile phones.so this is a better choice for a profitable business.

There is a furious opportunity for smartphone repairing service .it can be start by an individual but who knows how to repair. The usage of smartphone is increasing rapidly. Only thing, you must have the knowledge and skill about smartphone repairing.

Today the trend of using solar power is raising immediately. Solar system is an alternative energy solution. First thing we have to provide is design, supplying materials and installing them with budget.

Investment Opportunity

Electronics products in India demand is growing rapidly. So Indian government took an initiative ‘Make in India’ to motivate international companies to manufacture their products. To promote job opportunities in electronic sector the Indian central government take action to reduce electronics import bill from 65% to 50% in 2016 and gradually it becomes zero by 2020.

We can invest in some of these sectors

- Setting up of Electronics Manufacturing Clusters (EMCs).

- Semiconductor wafer fabrication (FAB).

- Electronic components.

- Strategic electronics

- Semiconductor Design

- Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS).

- Telecom products

- Industrial / consumer electronics.

Leading companies

Electronic industry is growing with the help of various companies they are working hard to improve in this industry. Leading top 10 electronic companies are:-


Havells India ltd is a rapidly growing electronics firm in India. They are expert in making electrical and power distribution equipment. Also fans, wires, cables, CFL lamps and others.

Bajaj Electricals

This company mainly focuses on 6 different sectors namely Morphy Richards, Machines, Engineering and Plans, Fans, Illuminations and Lights. Bajaj electricals is one among the biggest brands in India. They have connection with many international companies for distribution.

Kirlosker Electric Company Limited

The company mainly focus to transmission, broadcasting, transportation, distribution, power generation, renewable energies and circulations. This is the first company to present electric motors.

Aar-em Electronics pvt. Ltd:

Aar-em electronics is a foremost producer of power supplies. It is one among the top electronics companies in India. It emphases on class products and delivers international solutions.

Bharat Electronics Limited

The firm specific in manufacturing SATCOM, medical Electronics, Defence communications, Telecommunications and Electronic items.

Surya Roshini

Surya roshini started as an electronic company with tube making. Later they started making lighting plants, ERW pipes and other such products.GLS lamps, Luminaries, High mast lighting systems, HMPV lamps, MCBs are also the products of surya roshini.providing best quality products with competitive prices is the company’s motto

Philips Electronics India

Philips is one of the biggest electronic company in India. They are specialized in making Lighting electronics, Special lights lamps and luminaries. Their belief is to produce high quality appliances, electronic gadgets and lightings at lower price. Philips electronics provide solutions in form of products like CFL lights and other forms of lighting equipments.they are interested in producing latest electronic products which include LED lights with different mechanisms.

Videocon Group

Videocon is one of the best brand for home appliance and electronics.

The company assemblies’ different types of electronic goods such as TVs, DVDs, washing machines, Refrigerators, Air conditioners and several others.

Best performance companies of the year

Most of the electronics companies are rated exclusively into component manufacturing in India, although some are into varied businesses in the country. Consumer electronic products are designed for frequent use in households. Some of the top electronics companies in the world brands are Apple, Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft. Consumer electronics are not only designed the finest products at competitive prices, but also have focussed on 360 marketing and branding.

With the sprouting purchasing potential of customers, the squeak for the biggest electronics brands to improve their overall impression. Some of the top leading best performance companies are,

- Apple

- Samsung

- Microsoft

- Sony

- Panasonic

- Dell

- LG

- Hewlett Packard

- Toshiba