Marketing is the management process through which aims and facilities move from concept to the customers. There are mainly 4ps of marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the procedure of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media\. Digital marketing incorporates web based advertising, internet marketing and web promoting\. The utilization of digital epoch not only allows for brands to market their products and services yet additionally offers online client support through 24x7 administrations to influence the client to feel upheld and esteemed\.

Why digital marketing wins over traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing is considered as a type of inbound marketing and its goal is for people to discover you. It can reach worldwide audience instead of just local. The use of social networking in digital marketing interaction enables brands to get both positive and negative feedback from their clients. Digital marketing gives broadened choice to brands and businesses.

Digital Marketing Process

Get you observable on web, a place where your potential client can gather info about you.

Once you engage people you can produce leads. It can be micro or macro leads.

Website planning and creation

A website is a collection of webpages. Content management system that furnishes platform to make free website with customized mobile themes and readymade outlines which can be used to building website easily and rapidly. Website planning and creation begins from understanding the fundamentals of internet and further advances to website planning and building on word press. We are really hitting our business in the event that we don't have an online presence and the initial move towards getting an online presence is to get a website. So website planning and creation turn out to be very important now.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process toward getting traffic from the free, natural or organic search results. Just the name given to the action is to enhance search engine rankings. Search engine optimization may target various types of search including picture search, video search, local search, and news web search tools. Enhancing the visibility of a website or a website page in web search engines like,, and Search engine optimization is web promoting or web marketing that utilizes strategies to enhance the volume or nature of visitor traffic to a site page.

Major functions of search engine optimization


Find website address and contents of a website for storing in search engine database. Google crawling uses an enormous set of computers to procure billions of pages on the internet. Search engine’s crawler change over your site it will also expose and report any links it finds on these pages and add them to a list that will be crawled later. This is how a new content is discovered.


      Indexing is the process of how your pages are actually being indexed and actively monitor for problems\. Once crawled indexes the content based on the occurrence of keyword phrases\. Servers placed all around the world grant users to approach these pages almost instantaneously\. Keeping and arranging this data needs important space and both Microsoft and Google have above a million servers each\.


Crawling and indexing datas are keeping web data within the database of the search engines.


   Search engine has its own set of algorithms and produce different results\.

Search Engine Algorithm

         It is a set of guidelines, or an extraordinary formula, that the search engine uses to determine the implication of a website page, and each search engine has its own set of rules\. The algorithms as, they are diverse for each search engine, are additionally closely cautious secrets\.


         In search engine algorithm the principal thing to search is relevancy of the page\. It is simply scanning for keywords, or looking at how they are functioning and the algorithm will check whether this website page has any relevancy at all for a specific keyword\. Additionally keyword location is an important factor for the significance of the website\. Keywords utilizing frequently is essential to relevancy\. If the keywords appear frequently, the site will rank better\.

Individual Factors

                  Individual factors influence the search engine to vary from each other search engines\. Each search engine has different algorithms, and the specific elements of these algorithms gives different results on Google, MSN or Yahoo\. Most vital individual factor is the quantity of pages a search engine indexes\. Some of the search engines are additionally penalize for spamming\.

Off – page factors

       Off – page factors are still specific to each search engines\. These components are click through dimension and linking\. Click through rates and linking are the pointers of a site page is how much significant to genuine clients and visitors\. This will make a calculation rank the page higher\.

SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activity of improving web pages or whole sites in order to make them search engine more friendly. Mainly 3 types of seo techniques,

Gray Hat SEO may or may not result in our site being banned from search engines and their affiliate sites.

Introduction to SERP (search engine result page)

Search Engine Results Page (SERP) gives the results for any search you do on a search engines. Website pages served to clients when they scan for something online utilizing a search engine, for example, Google, Bing, and Yahoo and so on. Entering a keyword or set of keywords in the search bar of web search tool. This list demonstrates the result of website pages as per searched keywords which wrote in search bar. SERP's normally two kinds of content.

Organic contains the results which is recapture from the search engine's algorithm. Results will occur as per the purpose behind the query. When results are displayed on SERP it incorporates a title and link that focuses to the original page of the site, alongside the short description matches to the keywords.

Google panda algorithm keeps low quality and low content pieces of information are down to low ranking outcomes and give genuine quality sites. Panda algorithm launched in 2011.

Panda was percolate as opposed to some portion of Google's ranking algorithm. In 2016, it was publicly integrated into the core algorithm.

                      Pigeon algorithm gives important and exact experience to clients looking local results by giving maps\. Pigeon algorithm launched in 2014\. The update made closer ties amid the local algorithm and the core algorithm, conventional seo factors are utilized to rank local results\. Pigeon ties further into Google's web search capacities, containing many different ranking systems\.

Content Marketing

                Content Marketing is the making and distribution of online material that does not openly advance a brand but rather it's planned to stimulate interest for its products or services\. Content promoting is a hypernym including an arrangement of situation, schedules, and campaigns to satisfy business and client objectives by utilizing the most material content to give, intrigue, disciple, safeguard, and enroll clients\. Content uses sites, podcasts, and video and web\-based social networking sites as a vehicle\.

Goals of Content Marketing

After preparation, make a list of thoughts that are ideal for thinking of thorough and content relevant.

Create a list of 10 thoughts that you feel worthy of follow up.

After curation, you will be left with 3-4 thoughts that have epic content composed all over them.

Get their Facebook and make suggested improvements.

The content was readable

The user flow was spot on

This content added value

Share this content with their friends and followers

7 easy tips for effective content writing

  1. Write a head- turning headline

It decides whether audiences will read the rest our work. If the heading doesn’t sparkle interest we can't accomplish our desired results with your content.

  1. Create a hook that grabs their attention

    In each heading the first sentence plays a noteworthy part in deciding if they read the rest of our content. We have 3 seconds to retain readers hooked after the headline.

  2. Do your research

    We should have far reaching knowledge on the topic we are writing about, particularly in the B2B market.

  3. Focus on a single purpose

             We should identify at least one key message to pass on before we make content\.
  4. Write in a unique voice

                      The content we distribute is the voice of our company and it ought to be unique to our company's identity\. One of the essential point is to align the tone of writing to the target audience\.
  5. Optimize Digital Content

                  The best digital content incorporates short paragraphs, short sentences and bulleted records\. Digital content will be optimized for search SEO best practices and the most recent SEO content strategies\.
  6. Edit our work

    After we made a first draft, go back and consider how we will polish the harsh edges of our written work .Writing enhances as it experiences a round or two of edits.

Email Marketing

                          In its deepest impression, every email sent to a possible or ongoing customer could be considered email marketing\. It mostly engage using email to send ads, request business, or seek sales or contributions\. Email marketing is an adequate approach to stay connected with our clients while also encouraging our business\. Doing like this we can efficiently and hastily reach target markets without the necessity for large amounts of print space, television and radio\. Using an email marketing software, we can maintain an email list that has been disjointed based on the some factors including length of time address\.

Email marketing can be carried out by:

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is any advertising action led through a universal system to which clients are always related using an individual mobile device. Mobile marketing can give the clients with time and location delicate, customized data that cooperate products, advantages and outline.

Text Messaging is right now the most widely recognized delivery channel for mobile marketing.

New Mobile Marketing channels

SMS Marketing

The mobile operators check out each short code application before provisioning and screen the service to ensure it doesn't wander from its original service description. Another option to transfer messages by short code or email is to do as such through one's own telephone number. The mobile operators request a dual opt in from the user and the skill for the purchaser to withdraw of service at any time by transferring message with word STOP via SMS.


In mms content is conveyed through multimedia message service\. All recently produced phones are fit for sending and receiving standard MMS message\. Mms marketing incorporates a timed slideshow of pictures, content, audio and video\. One of the best example for mms advertising campaigns are Motorola's continuing campaign, when the brand enables the user to send their mobile pictures to the LED board in real\-time and also blog their pictures on the web\.

Affiliate Marketing

            Affiliate Marketing is characterized as where an outsider promotes products or facilities in the behalf of a merchant in return for a decided commission for a deal or lead\. For instance, if we recommend an eatery to a friend and that friend visits the eatery due to our proposal, the eatery's income will have expanded as a result of our referral\. This is essentially affiliate marketing\.

        __3 A’s of affiliate marketing  __


One of the 3A's of marketing is aim. There are numerous elements that add to this marketing. If the employer or marketing team did not aim toward the correct audience the whole campaign would be less powerful or possibly ineffective. A marketing team require goals to aim for so that they can work for and accomplish something.


  Act is the second A of marketing\. This A is the time when the majority of the aiming and planning pays off\. Marketing teams will take care their goals and planning and put them without hesitation\. If they have planned well, they should be successful in their undertakings\. Similarly as the aiming portion of marketing took a great deal of time and energy, the stand\-in part will probably take a lot of time and energy as well\.


     Assessing is the last of the three A's of marketing\. Assessing is most likely the A that makes that takes minimal amount of time, isn't exactly as fun, however it as fundamental as the other marketing A's\. A marketing group needs to take the time to assess both their aiming and their acting of their marketing procedure\. This evaluation will enable them to see their victories and their disappointments\. Assessing marketing can enable the marketing team adjust their mistakes for future marketing endeavours, and enable them to realize what worked for them and that they might be able to use it again\.

The better successful segments for affiliate marketing were the adult, betting, retail businesses and file- sharing administrations. Affiliate marketing has grown hastily since its introduction. The three segments expected that would experience the best growth are the mobile phone, finance and travel sectors.

Affiliate marketing scenario in India

Indian affiliate market scenario:

Indian Affiliate Networks:

Video Marketing

A simpler more unified Ad Words that incorporates True View video campaigns with Search Network and Display Network campaigns, empowering a more streamlined, consistent buying and reporting experience over all campaign types. Powerful tools accessible for True View video campaigns, including mass administration solutions and reporting features in the video campaigns shared library. True View video campaigns and campaign data have been moved over to the main Ad words product.

Importance of video marketing

           Video marketing offers Marketers with an alluring, multipurpose, and tremendously shareable medium to reach their crowds with helpful and competent for the consumer\. From traditional TV commercials in 1960's the present You Tube, Vine, Snap chat, Vimeo, and even Facebook Live, it's not ponder that video has turned into a staple of our everyday lives\.

Some of the features of video marketing

Benefits of video marketing

  1. Video Boosts Conversions and Sales

             Videos can mint you profit\. Including a product video on arrival page can rise conversions by 80%\. Video also lead straight to sales\. Vision is likewise our most prevailing sense\. So pictures can help engagement and think what pictures can do to that specific business\.
  2. Video Shows Great ROI

    Video production isn't yet the least demanding and least expensive task\. It pays of big time\. Online video editing tools are always enhancing and ending up more reasonable\.
  3. Video Builds Trust

            Trust is the base of conversions and sales\. In any case, building trust ought to be a goal on its own\. The entire idea of content marketing depends on trust and long\-term relationships\. Video content is probably going to engage us and ignite emotions\.

You Tubers have turned into the most capable online networking figure to promote our brand. In this way, in the event that we are serious about content marketing, you should be serious about video.

  1. Google Loves Videos

           Videos enable you to build the time spent by guests on our site\. In this manner, longer exposure builds trust and flags web search engines that our webpage has great content\.
  2. Video Appeals to Mobile Users

                  Video and Mobile go hand in hand\. Since individuals like to watch videos in a hurry, and the amount of smartphone users is growing, your video audience keeps getting bigger and bigger\.

E-commerce Marketing

                  E\-commerce marketing is the procedure of propulsive deals by expanding alertness about an online supply’s product aids\. Digital marketing for internet business applies traditional marketing principles to a multichannel, data driven environment\.

E commerce marketing can be distributed into two general activities: driving website traffic and optimizing the user experience for conversion. Both are serious components to rising an online business failure in one is all but sure to challenge any success in the other.

e- Commerce Marketing Channel

E-commerce Marketing terms

Online Reputation Management

      Online reputation management is the way toward controlling what shows up when somebody looks up online\. It helps to identify and tidy up any damaging content about the online, similar to negative Google results, risky social media posts, and pictures as well as help to promote positive content that looks great online\. There are 4 primary reasons why building and dealing with our online reputation is so crucial:

Individuals are looking into online and making choices about based on what they find.

Consistently, more than one billion names are searched on Google and 77%job recruiters are required to look potential employees up online amid the the hiring process and they are making judgments about we based on what we find\.

Anybody can say anything in regards to online without getting in trouble, regardless of whether it's true or not.

If an ex, a fired employee someone got a promotion over – they can go practically anywhere on the web and trash\. It happens constantly and there are almost very little laws in place to secure individuals under these circumstances\.

Everything we do is presently recorded online perpetually, which implies we require more tools to ensure this doesn't harm.

Doing everything on the web and we have the innovation to track and store every one activities\. That implies all that we post on Facebook or Twitter and each thing we search for, site we visit, online transaction we make and discussion we have through text or messenger exists somewhere\.

Having great content online helps, but the greater part of the general population don't know how to do it.

               It is an increasingly focused economy, an ever increasing number of companies, schools and clients are searching for positive data about the web\. The majority of the general population don't know what they can do to expand the positive impression they can have on the web and build a positive online reputation\.

Online Display Advertising

Display Advertising

    Display advertising is advertising on sites\. It incorporates a wide range of arrangements and contains items, for example, content, pictures, flash, video and audio\. The primary reason for display advertising is to convey general advertisements and brand messages to site visitors\.

As indicated by e marketer, Facebook and Twitter will take 33% of display ad spending market share by 2017. Likewise, desktop display advertising has eclipsed search advertisement purchasing in 2014, with mobile ad spending to overwhelm display in 2015.

Types of Online Advertising

A banner contains a short text or designs to promote an item or service. Banner ad is a object on the site page. It gives a hyperlink to the advertiser’s website, Banner ad enables the clients to open the sponsor's site as and when they click them, it gives data and in the meantime persuades the purchaser to purchase the product.

Interstitial ad opens in one's own browser window when the client clicks a link to another website page. The ad appears for a few moments before the planned page gets loaded. Numerous interstitial advertisements close consequently and enable the intended page to open in the existing browser window.

Certain businesses offer their members reduction coupons which they can copy and use for online and offline retainers. Coupons encourage client to spare cash and enjoy reductions while shopping. At the fact when a client clicks on definite coupons, it is simple for advertiser to recognise the kind of products the clients is interested with acquiring.

The coupons empower the advertisers to screen the client conduct. Individuals get persuaded by online coupons, as online coupons help spare cash.

Companies pay client to see their ads

The reaction of the watcher of the ad or e-mail can be followed by setting small files called "Cookies' on viewer’s PC. It encourages advertisers to get data on what sort of consumers are responding to various offers and furthermore to know the sort of offers that bring out generally good response.

Email has the ability to reach worldwide people at low cost. Spontaneous email makes negative reaction and requested email is generally welcomed by clients. Email Advertising offers points of interest, for example, Massive reach, remarkably educated and affluent audience, unparalleled targeting, Real time tracking, Rich media branding, lead generation and direct deals.

Banner advertising is a rectangular graphic show that extends over the top or bottom of a site or down the right or left sidebar. The earlier type of banner advertisement is known as a leader board, though the last is known as a skyscraper. Banner ads are picture based instead of text based and are a famous type of website advertising. The reason for banner advertising is to endorse a product and additionally to acquire guests from the host website to go to the advertiser’s website.

Rich Media Ads

Rich media refers to the use of various technologies to upgrade a recipient’s experience. It advanced technology, for example, steaming video, flash to interact

Instantly with the client, Also the term of rich media isn't anything but difficult to define, all the rich media technologies generally exhibit some of the following qualities.

They allow for advanced animations. They support sound/radio in the advertising’s and they make conceivable the moment user communications. The defining characteristic rich media is that the media component displays dynamic motion. This motion can occur over time or in response to an interaction with the client.

Examples of rich media

Following gives some examples of rich media

Rich media is recycled leading automation to display aggressive gesture. With the goal that it can create wide result and collaboration to the clients.

Pop-up-ads and pop under Ads

Pop-up ad

 Pop\-up ads or pop\-ups are generally part types of internet publicizing on the World Wide Web intended to draw in web traffic or capture email addresses\. Pop\-ups are generally new web browser windows to show advertisements\. The pop\-up window containing a promotion is produced by Java Script\.

A deviation on the pop-up window is the pop-under advertisement, which opens another browser window covered up under the dynamic window.

Pop-under ads

Pop-under ads are similar to pop-up ads, however the ad window arrive concealed trailing the main browser window reasonably overlap in front of it. As pop-up ads became widespread and took up entire PC screens, numerous clients, customers learned to immediately shut the pop-up ads that appeared over a site without looking at them. Pop-under ads don't straightforwardly remove a purchaser's capability to aspect the site content.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is a procedure of planned promotion for advertisements arriving on websites or other media, such as content showed in mobile browsers. The advertisements themselves are chosen and aided by automated systems based on the individuality of the user and the content showed.

Online Advertising ROI

Online advertising ROI or return on investment is a chief concern for someone absorbed on response rates more than branding.

Response and branding are the two main advantages of any advertising campaign. ROI is tough to track for branding since the results are not always instant or directly measurable.

Online ROI

         The influence element of rebound on investment is a consolidation of all hard and soft prices for the campaign\. A hard cost would be the advertising expense because it is straightly calculable and recognisable\.

Online ROI return part can be calculable in numerous ways depending on the business that makes the investment. The business attaining new customers when they yield any number of noticeable actions.

Three metrics help to measure the return on investment. They are:

  1. Cost per thousand ad impressions
  2. Cost per click
  3. Cost per acquisition

Formula for finding return on investment is:

            __ROI__ = \(Gain from Investment \- Cost of Investment\) / Cost of Investment


Seo keywords are the texts, a person types into a search engine for getting results. When selecting the keywords to optimize for, we need to take not only the probable monthly number of searches but also the applicability of these keywords to our website.

So, our objective when examining keywords is to search a list of target keywords those are:

Types of Keywords

Broad keywords are short words or expressions that, while they may apply to our own particular industry and company, they may likewise apply to each company in our industry or even to those in other industries. Long-tail watchwords have a tendency to be longer words or phrases that are more particular to our organization or industry.

Google Ad words’ keyword tool

                Google's Ad words keyword tool is a typical starting point for SEO keyword research\. It suggests keywords and gives estimated search volume\.

Google Insights for search

          Unlike Google Trends, Google Insights for search gives a graphic illustration of provincial enthusiasm on a nation's guide\. It shows top searches and growing searches that might aid with keyword research\.

On-page optimization

       Getting a decent positioning in a search engine is not an easy task\. Search engines are getting smarter &intelligent consistently, as it takes beyond just decent content to top our rivals\. On page optimization is one among the initial phase of SEO which every webmaster must look into\. If we can do proper on\-page optimization for our site we can rank well in a web search as well as can expand the general readability of our site for our visitors\. We can execute some of these if not all to give our site a superior presentation to the search engines as to expand our general CTR \(Click\-Through\-Rate\) ratio\.
  1. Title Optimization
  2. Meta Tags Optimization
  3. Important HTML Tags
  4. Keyword Optimization & Synonyms
  5. Link Optimization
  6. Image Optimization
  7. Title Optimization &Meta tag Optimization

  1. Title Optimization

    A title tag must be small but expressive enough for our guests to recognise our business. Title tag is the chief thing that is shown & indexed by the search engines. A site’s title tag is the greatest chief website optimization element.

    Important things to include in our title:

  2. Name / Business Name / Site Name

  3. Keywords
  4. Include our 1-800or other toll-free numbers

  5. Meta Tags Optimization

    Meta description must comprise a brief account of our website centring on the parts and services that our business is dedicated in. Small portion of text can be measured as a selling snippet, if a searcher finds it then click and enter our page to read out more information.

Keyword Optimization & Content Optimization

                              Site’s content wants to be improved in such a method that it can outfit both search engines & our readers\. Stuffing our site with too many keywords can create our site unreadable\.so we want to have certain sort of equilibrium between our keywords and our content\.

Content Optimization

        Content of our website is vital for search engines as they reflect our websites relevancy and reputation based on both Meta tags and content in relation to the significant keywords\.

Link optimization, Image optimization & H1 H2 H3 tags

Link Optimization

        Internal links are links that drive from one side on a domain to a different page on the same domain\. They are usually used in same navigation\.

These types of links are suitable for below reasons:

Image Optimization

Image Optimization is significant to search engine optimization\.

The image optimization process involves:

H1 H2 H3 Tags

   Header tags are just paragraph headings and they are very significant to SEO, H1, H2 H3, H4, H5 and H6 header tags also make belongings easier for the student to rapidly find the information that they are searching on the webpage\. The header tags \[h1\] \[h2\] \[h3\], Bold \[strong\], Italic \[em\] etc\. The text inside our header tags \[h1\] is very high significance by the search engine\.

Header Elements:

Text Styles:

The protocol indicates how a browser should recover data about a resource. The domain name is the human-readable name of the particular location where an asset is found. URL additionally contain things like the specific folders and subfolders that are on a given site, any parameters stored in the URL allows guests to jump to a particular point in the resource.

Parameters in URLs

  A parameter is a variable that is added to a URL\.

For example: storeId=10151’ is the parameter.

That example URL comes from a site using different parameters foe different stores’ pages.

Where possible, instead of using parameters, it’s simpler, clearer, and more descriptive to use real words.

Guidelines to Successful URLs

  1. Describe our content

     An easily recognizable URL is a great URL\. If a user can look at the Address bar and make a guess about the content of the page\.
  2. Keep it short

     The shorter the URL, the easier to use \.

3. Includes keywords in the URL

4. Better to avoid sub- domains

5. Use a single format throughout the website url.

6. Better not to use any uppercase letters in our url structure.

7. URL should contain no needless folders.

Inbound- Outbound Links & Mobile Responsive Test

Inbound-Outbound Links

            Inbound links or generally known as "backlinks" are the links point to our site and search engines like Google like it when we have hundreds of links pointing our webpage\.

Outbound links are the links indicating other website from our site and we have more control over these links.

Mobile Responsive test

                The mobile\- friendly test tool is for usage; essentially type in the full URL of the website page that we need to test\. Any redirects will be followed by the test\. Having a mobile friendly site is a basic part of our online presence\. Mobile usability problems will be issues that can influence a client that visits the page on a mobile device, including small font sizes and use of flash\.


                 Robots\.txt is a text \(not html\) file we put on our site to tell search robots which pages we might want them not to visit\. Robots\.txt is compulsory for search engines\. The location of robots\.txt is critical\. IT must be in the main directory generally the user agents will not able to find it\-they don't scan for the entire site for a file named robots\.txt\. Rather they look in the main directory and if they don’t find it there, they essentially expect that this site does not have a robots\.txt file and therefore they index all that they find along the way\.

Structure of a Robots.txt File

                       The structure of a robots\.txt is just easy – it is an unlimited list of user agents and disallowed files and directories\. Basically the syntax is as follows:



“User- agent” are search engines crawlers and disallow: lists the files and directories to be excluded from indexing. In addition to “user –agent”: and disallow: “entries, we can include comment lines – just put the # sign at the beginning of the line: All user agents are disallowed to see the /temp directory.

User agent*

Disallow: /temp/

Sitemap & Redirect


The sitemaps protocol enables a webmaster to notify search engines about URLs on a website that are accessible for crawling. A sitemap is a XML file that lists the URLs for a site. It allows webmasters to include additional information about each URL: when it was last updated, how regularly it changes and how vital it is in relation to other URLs in the site. This permits search engines to crawl the webpage more keenly. Sitemaps are termed as URL inclusion protocol and compliment robots.txt, a URL inclusion protocol.

301 redirects

      301 redirect is the best proficient and Search engine friendly technique for webpage redirection\. The code 301 is interpreted as moved endlessly is a permanent redirect from one URL to the next\.

For instance if our past site was and we need to transform it to ,we had execute a 301 redirect from the old URL to the new one. Presently whoever typed in our old URL, would naturally appear at our new URL.


Off- page Optimization

Off-page factors should be wisely considered and implemented to attain a higher search engine ranking. These matters are mainly tied to the site’s linking methods. This is commonly known as link popularity.

__Rich Media Submissions__

                  Rich media is a internet marketing term for a web page ad utilizes advanced technology, for example, streaming video, downloaded applets \(programs\) that interface instantly with the client, and advertisements that change when client's mouse passes over it\. For instance:

Link Building

Linking is a one among the most essential parts of increasing traffic to our site.

Simple techniques to get links to our site are:

Web based PR: Promote our website utilizing conventional PR.We can utilize PR Web since they are cheap, and offer awesome access to news directories.

Submit to Quality Directories: Pick quality catalogs, for example, Yahoo, DMOZ and the Open Directory venture (ODP), and submit listings to them.

Article Submission: Article Submission is the best approach to get links from various directories and furthermore it help us to move traffic from directories to our site.

Social Bookmarking

It is a strategy for web clients to store, arrange, search and manage bookmarks of site pages on the web with the assistance of tags or keywords on sites. These bookmarks can moreover be public or private. Social bookmarking has turned into a great tool in creating web presence and endorsing a business on the web.


It is a small striking ad placed where classified-ad websites get the consideration of the desired visitor. Online Classified advertising is an effective means for entrepreneurs to market their product or service based websites on the World Wide Web. Classified submission expands the traffic level to our site.

Blog Submission

Begin a Blog: Blogs are an incredible method to recruit links and learn out how to use tags, and link to pages.

Blog Comment Posting

     Blog Commenting is one among the search marketing strategies that enables sites to enhance online visibility and link popularity\. Blog commenting includes the process toward posting comments in the blogs as response to a post that has been made in the blog or as a response to the other comments in the blog\.

When we post comments in the blogs, we will also be able to include our site's link which serves as a back link to our website.

Image submission

         Image submission is a part of social media optimization and it's vital in perspective of seo yet there is some vital things to remember\. When we are going to choose the picture just remember picture must be new, copied images or water marked images don't submit in directories\. After this editing to process we require some great image directories\. Which will help to submit our pictures, we can submit our pictures in flickr, photo bucket, Picasa or so on\.

Video Promotion, DOC, PPT, PDF Promotion and Forum Posting

Video promotion

          Online video promotion has always been considered as vital as it is another method for showcase our services in a video format\. There are millions of videos accessible on the web however very few are optimized to promote videos with an optimized strategy to increase traffic from search engines\. Aside from creating a profile, we upload our videos utilizing keyword rich descriptions and tags to increase great positions on search made within video sharing sites\. No video promotion strategy would be finished without saying YouTube include our keywords in the title and file name and the description\.

Document Submission

            Document Submission is generally undertaken  at some select sites, for example, Google Docs, Scribd, Docstoc, and Slide share\. Document Submission service has gained prominence lately and got into the developing repertory of web promotion procedures embraced via Search Engine Optimization \(SEO\) experts\.


PPT PDF Promotion

               PPT/PDF submission services lets reach hundreds of search engine friendly file directories\. Submit to just authentic and rumored directories to create targeted traffic to our site\.

Forum Posting

           Forum posting is most common and actual method to pull in traffic to our site by providing quality links\. It is service in which the provider utilizes posters to post our forums alongside our sites\. Forum posting services guarantee fast optimization of the website\. Posting comments on the forums should be unique, applicable and particular to that forum\. We can likewise embed links in our post which we can draw\. Forum Posting can be a major advantage for the site because the search engines love to index the webpage\.

Q & A Participation, Banner creation and Promotion, Local citation listing

Q &A Participation

   Question and answer sites, for example, Quora, LinkedIn Answers and Yahoo answers can be amazingly helpful for web based marketing\. The atmosphere at the top Q and A locales, for example, LinkedIn Answers and Quora is exceptionally professional\. These sites are home to genuine individuals and genuine industry specialists who trade legitimate questions and solutions\.

Participating in Q and A websites is an extraordinary method to increase variety in our back linking profile. Variety in link building is one of the keys to remaining solid in a SEO world observed by pandas and penguins.

Question and answer sites are home to a thousands of individuals legimately looking for honest answers to their most pressing concerns. That makes them an ideal avenue for finding highly targeted traffic with enormous opportunities for conversion.

Banner Creation and promotion

Banner Advertising is a divine wellspring of driving traffic to our site. Keep in mind that online banner advertising is just a single way to creating traffic and visitors. On-line advertisements promote our business quickly and boost our website traffic.

Banner advertising is among the most frequently used outdoor advertising techniques by various organizations for promoting their goods and solutions. There are different sorts of advertising techniques that are available for developing services and products. Diverse types of advertising sites are accessible for creating products. This is the most common kind of advertising.

Local citation listing

What’s a citation?

A citation is a mention of our business name with another bit of business data, for example, our telephone number, address, website, or a blend of three. Citations are believed to be critical for rankings in Google's local search results, so the more of them we have from quality sources, better our business is probably going to rank. Presenting our business to the sites on this page is probably going to improve our rankings.

Social Media Marketing

What is social media?

      Social media is the group of online communication channels dedicated to group based input, communication, content\-sharing and joint effort\.

Examples of social media:

How social media marketing is differ from others

Social Media Marketing

Employment of social media marketing facilities is measured to be the most essential and outcome oriented marketing plans for online businesses. These service give fast outcomes have significant impact on the general working of a business. Social media marketing essentially implies promoting company or a site on various networking sites and popular media channels, for example, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and so on. Endorsing websites of businesses through online network advertising pricing ensure increased traffic, subsequently producing in good amount of profits.

Web Analytics

Google Analytics

            Google analytics is a web analytics facility controlled by Google that tracks and reports site traffic\. It is the most famous tool to analyse those visitors\.

How to install Google Analytics

First we need a Google Analytics account. If we have a primary Google account that we use for different services like Gmail, Google+, or YouTube, at that point we should set up our Google Analytics utilizing that Google account.

Set up our account and property

When we have a Google account, we can enter to Google Analytics and hit the sign into Google Analytics button. After that 3 stages must be taken to set up Google Analytics.

After we hit the Sign Up button we will discover data for our site.

We can have up to 100 Google Analytics account under one Google account.

Install our tracking code

When we are done, we will click the Get Tracking ID button. We will get a popup of the terms and conditions, which we need to agree to. At that point we will get our Google Analytics code.

Google AdSense

What is AdSense?

AdSense is a free basic way to make profit by setting ads on our site.

Google's ad network unites advertisers looking to show their advertisements on the web with publishers like we, hoping to monetise our site, making it basic for everybody to succeed. AdSense interfaces publisher’s advertisers, giving Ad Words advertisers the chance to offer on advertisement space on sites like our own. AdSense is a free basic way to make profit by setting ads on our site.

Google's ad network connects advertisers looking to run their advertisements on the web with publishers like we, hoping to monetise our site, making it basic for everybody to succeed. AdSense interfaces publisher’s advertisers, giving Ad Words advertisers the chance to offer on advertisement space on sites like our own.

How might we know whether we are qualified to join the AdSense network?

Before applying for an account, ensure that the site we own has been dynamic for not less than a half year, and compiles with the AdSense policies. AdSense additionally work with products, for example, Blogger and YouTube to enable us to make host partner accounts. To be eligible for a hosted AdSense account by means of Blogger, or YouTube, we should initially meet certain eligibility requirements.

How can we monetize our YouTube channel using AdSense?

How can we monetize our YouTube channel utilizing AdSense?

To start gaining money from our video content, we should apply for an AdSense account to link to our YouTube account. Follow below steps to become qualified to obtain payments:

1. Confirm our YouTube account is allowed for monetization.

2. Submit our application to make a new AdSense account to interface with our YouTube account. Once approved we can see a "Host account" name on our AdSense main page.

3. If we additionally have our own particular non-host site where we had like to show ads, we will need to submit a onetime application form to disclose us the URL of our site.

How can AdSense support me develop my online business?

AdSense enable me to make an income from the significant content we have on our site. AdSense saves us time with a rapid and simple setup enabling us to center on the elements of our business that require our focus. It resembles an automatic car—it evacuates the greater part of the manual adjustments, enabling us to cruise along with less effort.